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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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weather you can see it on doppler this morning. let's take about what waits for you. 37 santa rosa, 40 napa, a lot of 40s around our neighborhoods until you get to mountain view and san jose, 50 in mountain view and 51 san jose. the bay starting off with sunshine, mid to upper 40s. by noon mid to upper 50s. you can see mild this afternoon, close to average upper 50s to low 60s, heavier coat by 7:00, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s for your evening nest fifths. -- evening festivities. upper 50s at the coast, fog stubborn inland visibilities down quarter mile or less in some areas that is going to hold temperatures back, afternoon sun upper 50s to low 60s. so far friday light smooth
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sailing northbound 87 san jose traffic at the limit no problems past hp pavilion northbound. bunching up a little where 580 merges with 80, slow traffic in the westbound direction, a lot of headlights towards the macarthur maze and berkeley curve into the bay bridge toll, expecting m l any time it is moving, not -- expecting metering lights a time but it is moving. a look at our traffic app n is the waze app, mike has been talking about fog, our traffic spotters are seeing that along 80 corridor through vallejo, rodeo, hercules, san pablo. expect limited visibility in these areas. download this free app for yourself on your iphone, smartphone. developing news from japan this morning. tsunami warnings lifted now for the country after magnitude 7.3 quake hit overnight the epicenter was
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off the north eastern coast of japan near the miyagi prefecture. shaking could be felt across most of the country. video of the shaking in tokyo as it happened this is the news agency where lights swayed in the office building, terrified workers held on to desks. in japan they are used to it so they know the drill, still frightening. stay with abc7 morning news at 6:30 much more, new video showing the quake as it hit, plus update on damage, evacuations and injuries. same-sex couples could finally get an answer about whether they can get married in california where the highest court meets this morning. supreme court justices are expected to discuss challenges to prop 8, the california ban on gay marriage and whether they will consider the case in the coming months. lower court ruling struck down the voter approved measure if the justices decide not to take the case the ruling would stand and gay and lesbian
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couples could get married as soon as next week. download our apps find them all at arizona sheriff joe arpaio is known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. this morning, he's set to visit san francisco, a city known to be immigrant-friendly. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: speaking here today, speaking to an alarm company convention they are going to be meeting at the park 55 he is not only the most controversial sheriff in america he has always called himself the toughest sheriff in america which makes this next picture funny. pictures from last night he walked down the street here makes a dichotomy going on.
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arpaio has been the center of illegal immigration debate for many years he's very aggressive. u.s. department says too aggressive they filed a lawsuit against him for racial profiling. arpaio loves the camera, he loves the controversy. so far this visit he wants to know where everybody is? >> i'm a little disappointed from new hampshire to california, every time i travel, give a speech i have demonstrators, i don't see any here. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney gascon knows arpaio from days together in arizona he was a police chief in mesa, he contributed to arpaio's opponent in the election last month, but arpaio won again, he's been sheriff there for 20 years he's instituted pink underwear for men, pink baloney and brought back chain gangs. he wants to be known as the
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toughest sheriff in america. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> 6:05. argument over missing clothes in an east bay laundry room ended with a homicide many antioch police say three men of antioch all in their 20s controned neighbors in the delta pines complex on sycamore drive. a fight broke out and 32-year-old juan jose hernandez was shot to death. police say hernandez had nothing to do with the missing clothes. new information about how a missing woman survived in the sierra for six days. her boy friend lost his life. paula lane's brother found -- found her tuesday night in alpine county. she and roderick clifton went off road after leaving sacramento to try out his new jeep. the storms hit and they got stuck in the snow. clifton left the car to find help. when he didn't return after a few days, paula set out on her
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on. search crews couldn't find them her brother started looking on his own. >> last night, when my brother called, i took the call, and to hear him say, i found her. i can explain it for you. >> paula survived by taking shelter in a hallow tree and snow and tomatoes she had in her car. deputies say clifton drove around a locked gate on a closed dirt road off highway 89. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside right now this is san jose, traffic moving very well on this highway which is 84. >> 87 i think. do you know the way to san jose? >> i do, 101 and 880. meteorologist mike nicco will have full forecast, sue will track traffic on 87.
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>> sue will check them all. witnesses calling it chaos, an escalator suddenly collapses, aftermath at a
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live doppler i think you are going like what you see it is dry no radar returns no rain, fog we have is not as soupy as it was yesterday. it is out there and it is thick, but it doesn't have the
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mist hanging around and the slick streets we had yesterday thickest fog in the north bay valleys into the east bay valleys, down to less than a quarter mile visibility in livermore that is not an improvement that is getting more dangerous quarter mile napa novato improving around santa rosa and fairfield three mile visibility around the bay and out to the coast unlimited visibility, it is clean, it is clear this morning. this afternoon, mostly sunny, upper 50s to low 60s with a light breeze. back to the bay bridge toll, they have not yet turned on the metering lights there is a delay for cash paying folks traffic backing there towards the west grand overcrossing and 880 over crossing expecting metering lights shortly not a bad ride into san francisco first reports of accident westbound 580 at santa rita beginning to slow out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass
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fremont southbound 680 at south mission accident still blocking right lane south 680 sycamore valley road in danville area accident just reported in the right lane. we have new video this morning showing the aftermath of a shopping scare at a seattle area macy's. an escalator inside the store malfunctioned last night injuring four this happened in bellevue. witnesses say the scene was chaotic they heard a loud sound when they turned around they saw chunks of the escalator fall off. the four people are expected to be okay. the department -- more macy's news. the stores will stay open 48 hours straight from 7 a.m. on december 21st to 7 a.m. december 23rd. the department store chain says it experimented with the retail marathon last year at some stores and says it was
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successful enough to roll out to all stores this year for all you procrastinators out there. >> who me! neighbor department releases november jobs report. we have the new numbers. from the duchess of cambridge to celebrity spokeswoman the companies
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welcome back. check out live doppler look how dry it is this morning that is great for the morning commute we still have fog out there in our inland valleys the other big story cooler than yesterday this time from five degrees in san francisco to 15 in concord napa
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santa rosa about 11 redwood city nine oakland and four in san jose 14 in los gatos that puts us in the 30s in the north bay 40s for the rest of us san jose 51°. 50s at noon, mostly sunny and 60 at 4:00 temperatures will hit mid 60s to near 70 in weekend into monday. 6:15. the november jobs report is now out. it is better than expected. the economy added 146,000 jobs. the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. the jobs report comes on the heels of the ongoing fiscal cliff debate. economists estimate 200,000 fewer jobs have been created this year due to uncertainty over the fiscal cliff. aides to president obama and speaker boehner met yesterday afternoon, but that meeting ended with no signs of progress. stay with abc7 morning news, 6:30 the opening bell live from the new york stock
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exchange. 6:45 live to jane king for an update. in a few hours pearl harbor survivors as well as military and coast guard veterans will place a wreath in alameda to mark the 71st anniversary of the japanese attack on the pearl harbor base in hawaii. it will be followed by a 20 within gun salute. more than 2400 americans died when the japanese bombed pearl harbor in a surprise attack december 7th, 1941. the attack helped usher the u.s. into world war ii. 3:45 in afternoon sons and daughters of survivors will attend the 48th annual beacon lighting in honor of pearl harbor day. the iphone is likely coming to t-mobile in the new year, the company says it will add apple products in 2013 the company didn't mention the iphone by name and misses say
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it is likely the -- san francisco-based site zynga wants a real money gambling experience for users. the company has filed an application for a gambling license with nevada regulators. zynga need as decisional revenue sources interests in farmville and words has been falling dramatic zynga lost almost 53 million dollars in the third quarter. kate middleton is resting after her release from a london hospital. we are learning she is getting showered with baby products. reports companies are sending her free products, hoping she will be photographed with them and get worldwide publicity. among the products she is said to have received a bugaboo
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stroller and dior booties. i'm sure there is something in the royal handbook about not accepting -- >> did you know it was sarah jessica parker? >> you want to be on my team. >> space program come to me. >> for weather, mike. >> we would make a dominant team. >> we would kill 'em all. >> let's talk about the weather. 6:19. as we are looking down from mount tamalpais check out how gorgeous it is, look at the clear air that is taking over from sausalito tiburon oakland san francisco down to the san mateo bridge gorgeous shot cool blues give weighing to warm originals of the impending sunrise -- giving way to the warm originals of
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the impending sunrise. we are spinning around on st. helena waiting for the next storm going to be a while dry conditions for the next couple of mornings. look how much cooler it is some of the areas didn't mention like oakland nine san francisco five mountain view seven 40s in most areas 30s back up around santa rosa and napa close in concord 40, 49 mountain view san francisco 48, 46 oakland mid to upper 40s monterey bay inland not as much fog there. cooler start today, warmer afternoons are on the way. one more night of fog and then our warmest afternoons sunday through tuesday with the least amount of fog. south bay today 61 milpitas, san jose 62, los gatos 6361 to
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63 on the peninsula upper 50s coast near 60 downtown san francisco north bay upper 50s to near 60 will stretch to beaches upper 50s hercules and richmond low 60s the rest of the east bay shore upper 50s highway 4 corridor thick fog there this morning low 60s elsewhere low to mid 60s monterey bay as you head inland tonight 30s inland valleys most neighborhoods in the 40s san francisco could be the exception at 51. storm track stays north, mid 60s to near 70 sunday, monday to lesser extent tuesday east wednesday, thursday, will bring temperatures down more than a chance of rain. fog reported in novato and right here this is just south of there lucas valley road area smith ranch road traffic
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flowing nicely no fog southbound on 101 no delays to the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge fog-free traffic at the limit past clawiter to the toll flat expect of the span up to the high wise no delays towards foster city and san mateo hit-and-run cleared out of lanes no delays there. you can see westbound commute out of the central valley starting to bunch up. southbound 680 south mission tow truck on scene with accident may have to -- in the fremont area southbound 680 at six more valley road accident blocking left lane there. -- ahead, the new tv show putting silicon valley in the spotlight. motion sickness. in the movies? the explanation from warner brothers after complaints that the hobbit is making
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6:25 on this friday morning. afternoon sun and upper 50s to low six where we should be -- 60s where we should be. doppler network nothing showing up in fact high pressure building over the entire state, temperatures mild mid to upper 50s yosemite, fresno, eureka, low to mid 60s chico, sacramento, big sur, 67
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san diego, making snow in the sierra this weekend temperatures start in the 20s today is the warmest at 51 sunday is the coolest high of 42°. :25. the new hobbit movie is producing more than rave reviews some have complained of motion sickness and nausea when they see it. warner brothers explained if those experiences happened it was probably because of the speed in which the movie was filmed shot using technology double the standard rate and in 3-d so images are sharper and motion appears faster. south bay may be in the television spotlight hbo has lighted a pilot called silicon valley from the producer of the movie office space. not many details are known
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said to be about people who are most qualified to succeed but least capable of handling that success. still ahead, we will go live to the new york stock exchange for the opening bell investors get ready to react to the november jobs report. >> overnight another strong earthquake shakes japan. new video yo -- new video showing the quake as it happened. fall at the coliseum during a game. the fan sent to the hospital after plunging from the stands before the start. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in sunnyvale with a story you will only see on abc 7. this car lot is empty and it comes as a devastating surprise to its customers. good morning. live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on, clear on the upper deck, no issues. relatively light friday morning commute.
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more details when we come up after the break
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opening bell about to ring in a few seconds looks like spider-man is liking it at the nasdaq. >> there's four of 'em. >> okay spider men are happy about the jobless report that just came out the rate is down to 7.7% the lowness four years, better than -- lowest in four years better than expected. the economy added fewer jobs than some hoped. we'll go live to jane king at 6:45 to see how investors are die jetting that news. -- are digesting that news.
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thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a few patches of fog. not much widely scattered. inland valleys where we find most of fog dominating those areas, bay and to the coast clear and rain-free as you can see on live doppler. less than quarter mile visibility at reporting station in livermore, quarter mile napa and novato santa rosa three, fairfield, unlimited around the bay out to the coast. by the afternoon hours, it is the sunshine and mild temperatures that will dominate bay as we top out in the upper 50s to low 60s inland fog for the better part of the morning commute, it will start lifting by noon, low to mid 50s there, sunny, high clouds mid to upper 50s by 4:00. at the coast clear conditions this morning, kind of cool, upper 40s to low 50s, low to mid 50s noon, mid to upper 50s
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with mostly sunny conditions and light breeze all temperatures back in the 40s to near 50 no matter where you are this evening. here's sue. relatively light, you will find slow traffic westbound on 580 up and over the altamont pass red sensors indicating under 20 miles an hour, all together drive into the dublin pleasanton area from there looking good. update southbound 680 at south americas in fremont, tow truck on scene to get that accident off of lanes. southbound 680 danville sycamore valley road accident cleared the fire truck is blocking off-ramp be aware of that you may have to take the next exit down the road. let's check your traffic app, 101 from petaluma towards novato and you will find a car stopped on the shoulder according to one spotter, and foggy conditions, this is a
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great way to navigate your commute, get under the fog and see what is happening, it is free at the app store and google play. >> 6:32. developing news from japan magnitude 7.3 quake hit the country over side and now we are getting video showing the quake as it hit. reporter cornell bernard joins us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: small aftershocks still being felt across japan today some injuries are reported, the 7.3 quake struck after midnight pacific time. new video showing how bad that shaking was. the shaking sent terrified people in this tokyo newsroom scrambling holding on to tv's, computers as they rode out the quake which some say lasted more than a minute, 45 minutes after the quake came a tsunami warning. people living near the coast told to flee to higher ground. small tsunami did come ashore
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near the miyagi region the waves were three feet that tsunami warning has how been cancelled. people shopping in an electronics store got a big store when the quake hit, alarms went off in this store where people struggled to keep their balance most seemed to stay calm stuff on the shelves seeped to stay put. the quake is a scary reminder of last year's quake which killed 20,000 and triggered a nuclear disaster. tokyo's power company reports today, it has inspected its nuclear power plants and all is safe. we are getting reports of injuries today, elderly woman who fell with a small child those injuries appear to be minor. no tsunami warnings were posted for us here on the west coast. car owner in the south bay are understandably upset after the consignment company they hired to sell their high end cars suddenly disappeared.
6:34 am
amy hollyfield joins us live from sunnyvale with this -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: people have been coming here and disappointed to see an empty car lot, it is supposed to be full of cars that they are selling for people. the sunnyvale motor cars is empty. the company would take people's titles so they could sell the cars for them. customers are now realizing they are gone and sorry the cars. the website for the company says it is under maintenance many on yelp there is evidence of problems, a long list of complaints. we met with a couple who had a yukon, they didn't realize that this place was suspicious. they turned over their title now their car is gone. >> i think that this guy just moved the cars for some other area he would give a call to us saying he is there. we were hoping, but nothing. >> reporter: the family contacted the dmv and tried to
6:35 am
stop the title transfer so they think that they still own their car. they just don't know where it is. police say they are aware this is going on, they are looking into it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:35. the cause of a fire at a san jose strip mall is under investigation this morning. the fire started before 9:30 last night in the evergreen shopping center at san felipe a and yerba buena road. it took firefighters 40 minutes to get the fire under control. customers were evacuated from the building, no one was hurt. right now 6:30 six. a raiders' fan in serious -- condition after falling from the third deck of the coliseum to lower concourse. you can see in video taken last night how long a fall that was, 50 feet. the man fell shortly after kickoff, not clear whether the man jumped or fell, police believe it was an accident.
6:36 am
oakland police are investigating while the man recovers. 6:36. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside right now golden gate bridge traffic moving along just fine there, dry bridge deck, however, there is fog out there mike will tell you what you can expect. sue hall is following traffic. roommate disputes between two northern california men escalates to violence. the victim reveals what happened before he was attacked with a sword.
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♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! . we still have fog you can see it on live doppler north bay and east bay valleys getting thick in some areas visibilities as low as quarter to 8th of a mile in some areas patchy not going to be that way through all of the valleys out there upper 50s to low 60s sunshine this afternoon, close
6:39 am
to average, warmer as we head through saturday especially sunday and monday mid 60s to near 70 on monday probably the warmest day in the forecast. metering lights on at the bay bridge beautiful morning and you will have a few minutes to sit and look at it when you are waiting past the toll you can see traffic backing past the overcrossing it is a beautiful, clear pittsburg this morning we had dense fog slow traffic which is typical out of antioch right now towards the concord area into walnut creek mass transit looking good, everyone reporting on time. 6:40. the northern california man accused of attacking his roommate with a sword. america's most controversial sheriff is two hours from taking the standing in san francisco.
6:40 am
the event bringing joe arpaio to san francisco. trading underway on wall street. investors reacting to november jobs' report. dow up 46 points. we go live to jane
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couple cities seeing thick fog this morning benicia, san ramon specifically. doppler network showing dry conditions easy travel today once you get through the thick fog. 56 eureka, low to mid 60s chico, sacramento, big sur tahoe will be making snow mother nature not providing
6:43 am
any low 40s for highs by sunday los angeles 74 today with a little fog early this morning sunshine all weekend with low to mid 70s. 6:43. let's check in with josh elliot for a preview of what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good friday morning. we cannot wait to show you our special visit to robin's home many take a look at that the gang back together again for the first time in months. we helped her trim a tree, celebrate the holidays and drink delicious punch. it was phenomenal to be with her, we are going to share it with you, next right here on "good morning america." america's most controversial sheriff comes to town this morning the arizona sheriff known for his aggressive position on illegal immigration will be speaking in san francisco, hostile territory for him. terry mcsweeney is live with
6:44 am
what we can expect. >> reporter: when the sheriff takes the stage sherry joe arpaio from arizona will be talking to hundreds from the -- california alarm association speech begins 10:third -- 10:30 until noon. look at the sheriff last night went out for dinner and bumped into something very san francisco. arpaio has been at the center of illegal immigration debate he is an absolute firestorm when it comes this issue he's aggressive united states justice department filed a lawsuit against him for racial profiling. students wrote letters in spanish calling him a racist he wanted to respond in person then the school cancelled. >> he can explain every one of those allegations and let them
6:45 am
know it is not true and try to educate them that we should enforce a law. >> reporter: the district attorney knows arpaio from their days together in arizona. gascon contributed to arpaio's opponents in the election last month, arpaio got elected again as he has for the past 20 years. he is one tough sherry makes his inmates at the jail -- sheriff, makes inmates at the jail wear pink underwear, eat green baloney and makes them summers in tents. he's rough. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. nfl commissioner goodell was at the game last night at the coliseum and talked about prospects of the raiders sharing the new stadium. >> when we helped fund and put 200 million dollars into the 49ers' new stadium it was a
6:46 am
requirement it was capable of hosting two peoples. >> raiders have long complained about the outdated oakland coliseum. they've discussed leaving oakland if a new stadium can't be built there. >> self-proclaimed preacher under arrest accused of attacking his mom -- his roommate with a sword. the two men have been sharing a sacramento home for the past four months before the attack he says his roommate went on a 24 hour drinking binge threatening to hurt and kill him. he says his roommate is a religious man and wonder was caused him to snap. attempted jail break by a brazilian prisoner didn't go as planned. the convict was let screaming for help after he got stuck halfway through a wall. firefighters had to come to his aid. the 28-year-old followed a fellow inmate through a shower hole that first prisoner was
6:47 am
smaller, he managed to escape this guy was too big to squeeze through. did you see the police expressions? >> sure did. 6:47. ambitious plan for clothing recycling and it involves a customer discount. >> investors reacting to the jobs report. join king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. the shocker out of this jobs number today hurricane sandy had very little impact on hiring last month some projections were downright bleak. i turns out that the numbers consistent. labor department says 146,000 jobs added last month way more than the 65 to 85,000 or so that economists forecasted many the unemployment rate fell to 7.7% lowest in four
6:48 am
years. the labor department says sandy did not substantially impact the data. markets a bit positive after those numbers came out dow up 40 bloomberg silicon valley index up by more than a half%. -- more than half a percent. h & m recycling program -- the goal is to reduce textile waste and find solutions that involve using more recycled textiles in new clothes. i'm jane king. a little fog out there that mike is tracking otherwise cold. >> it is many here's the reason why, lack of clouds, beautiful from our roof cam
6:49 am
under the bay bridge down to the diablo range you can see yellows, warming of the sun coming our way today and through at least tuesday temperatures may near 70° in some areas. live doppler 7 hd we are tracking fog in our inland valleys, unlike yesterday, not as damp not as misty, the fog is thick in some areas down to a quarter even 8th of a mile visibility so be careful this morning. temperatures the other big story, cool in the north bay, santa rosa 37, napa 39, most of us in the 40s, san jose 51° i am mid to upper 40s around the -- monterey bay and inland less fog in your neighborhood cooler start today, warmer afternoons on the way, athlete one more night of fog and -- at least one more night of fog and then sunshine warmest
6:50 am
afternoons sunday through tuesday, least amount of fog in the morning hours. we haven't showed this graphic in a while, temperatures have dropped significantly in the last couple of weeks average highs upper 50s to low 60s where we are going to be today, sunrise 7:12, upper 50s to low 60s coast, bay, inland under a mostly sunny sky today, low to mid 70s monterey bay, 60s and mid 60s inland 37 fairfield, spreurpbling of 30s in other inland valleys, 40s tomorrow, 51 in san francisco, area of high pressure starting to take over our neighborhoods pushing the storm track north as it expands it will bring a little offshore breeze that's why the temperatures will warm sunday, monday and tuesday to near the 70s. inside slider storm from
6:51 am
alaska tends to hit central valley and see rather more than us, stray shower possible wednesday the biggest story is highs only mid to upper 50s many enjoy the warm, dry weather while it is here. >> live shot of 80 through berkeley from golden gate fields 580 junction traffic bunched up due to merge sluggish into the macarthur maze. moving, a little farther east at appian way, three-car pile-up cleared to the shoulder, may have looky lous slowing your drive into the richmond area, this is past lucas valley road south 101 to central san rafael, foggy in novato moving nicely here, san jose north 87 no problems by hp pavilion farther southbound 680 south mission has been cleared. north at kurt they are accident there that -- kurtner
6:52 am
accident there cleared to the shoulder fog, truck off the road toe on scene trying to pull that out of the -- tow truck on scene trying to pull that out of the swamp area. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> abc7 morning news returns in
6:53 am
. good morning. we made it to friday. gorgeously picture looking at the sunrising over the bay area fairly clear skies. when we have clear skies this time of year it is pretty darn chilly. here are five things to know before you go: number one, magnitude 7.3 quake struck north eastern coast of japan shortly after
6:54 am
midnight, our time. it swayed buildings across much of the nation. so far no reports of major damage many several people were hurt. tsunami warning was issued for the region but lifted a short time later. >> number two, a raiders' fan in serious condition after falling 50 feet from the third deck of the coliseum to the lower concourse. he fell shortly after kickoff at last night's game. police say it appears to be an accident. >> number three, same-sex couples could get an answer about whether they can get married in california when the highest court meets this morning. supreme court justices are expected to discuss challenges to prop 8 the ban on gay marriage in california. lower court ruling struck didn't the vote area proved measure. >> number four, nation's unemployment rate has deposited to 7.7% down from 7.9% many 146,000 jobs were created in -- in october
6:55 am
higher than forecasted by analysts. >> number five, pearl harbor survivors as well as military veterans will place a wreath in alameda to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor in hawaii, followed by a 21 gun salute. one final check on your forecast. visibilities are a little dangerous in some areas like reporting station livermore less than a quarter mile same in napa and novato inland valleys, around the bay and coast unlimited. cooler from five to 15 degrees cooler than questioned, 30s inland, 40s for the rest of us. in the afternoon mostly sunny, temperatures upper 50s at the coast, upper 50s to low 60s for the rest of us. back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights are on traffic is backing towards the macarthur maze to the berkeley
6:56 am
curve, no stalls or accidents just a lot of folks waiting to get into san francisco, a little sluggish upper deck couple other problems still out there working one westbound 37 near sonoma raceway. they will be doing traffic control down to one lane expect delays vallejo and mare island, other than that relatively light nor a friday morning. thank us for join us for the abc7 morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic, during "good morning america". >> we are always on at get the latest weather and traffic there. we should say enjoy your dry weekend. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. get out there and enjoy it: captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale...
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good morning, america. breaking news, a powerful earthquake rocks japan overnight, in the same place hit by the massive quake and tsunami last year. high-rises in tokyo swaying, shaking, caught on tape. injury reports coming in. stranded. this mother of twins missing for almost a week, stuck in the snow with no cell phone signal. surviving on tomatoes with one blanket in a hollow tree. how her brother never gave up and fi


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